Saturday Breakfast Choice: Pasticceria Pansa, Amalfi

Against the marvelous setting of the Duomo di Amalfi, built in the 9th century, the pasticceria Pansa is also a very traditional place, 200 years old, located just a few steps from the stairways that lead up to the impressing colorful facade of the cathedral dedicated to Sant'Andrea (Andrew).
Amalfi cathedral in spring, against the backdropf of the Lattari mountains ridge that rise steeply from the coast. Pasticceria Pansa is located next to it.
Pasticceria Pansa is one of the Locali storici d'Italia
So if you are lucky enough, you can sit down outside at one of the tables located in the morning sun for breakfast. This would be a sweet breakfast, to be started with sfogliatella, a pastry specialty we will be presenting later on in this blog, and of course a fine cappuccino in addition to a sparkling lemonade (made of ripe and fresh lemons of course !!). 
Sfogliatella: pastry and crema pasticcera
A warm and sunny environment - Piazza Duomo and Pasticceria Pansa to the right
In addition, I just love tasting their citrus zests, stripes of citrus peel coated in part with chocolate to round up breakfast. But of course, now at Easter time, you could also taste a small edition of the pastiera, or even a colomba (though colomba is rather a north Italian specialty).
The traditional pastiera for Easter
The grey marble counter seen from the sala adjacent to it
A fine place to start your day in Amalfi ... the sea would be to your right ...

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